The Addams Family (2015)
Bigfork Summer Playhouse
Book by Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice
Music & Lyrics by Andrew Lippa
Directed by Scott Seidel
Music Directed by Lizzie Hatfield
Choreographed by Marisa Kirby
Set Design by David L. Morgan
Costume Design by Alexa Larson
Lighting Design by Bryan Kashube
Tech Direction by Greg Kendall
Stage Managed by Dwayne Ague
Sound Designed by Jeffrey Salerno
Sound Engineered by Jeffrey Salerno
Addams Family (2015)

Addams Family (2015)

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The Addams Family is the story of two young lovers and their families meeting for the first time. One of the families happens to be The Addams Family. We drew inspiration from primarily the live action tv show from they 1960's. Additionally for the sound design I drew from the early 90's cartoon tv series I watched growing up. I wanted all of my sound effects to have a cartoonish element to them. In the above video you will see a segment of the song "When You're An Addams" that has a few of the more cartoonish sound effects. Next is a scene in the torture chamber when Wednesday is torturing Pugsly. The video also contains "One Normal Night" with the iconic Foghorn doorbell, Gomez showing off his chair from the Inquisition, the slow motion arrow shot, and finally The quartet section of "Crazier Than You". Many of the cues in this show were built by combining individual audio cues in Qlab itself.