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Man of La Mancha (2015)
Written by Dale Wasserman
Music by Joe Darion
Lyrics by Mitch Leigh
Directed by Matt Wolfe
Music Directed by Ian LeRoy
Choreographed by Jessica Low
Set Designed by Richard Haponstall
Costume Designed by Nicole Zausmer
Lighting Design by Bryan Kashube
Tech Direction by Greg Kendall
Stage Managed by Becki Zaritsky
Sound Design by Jeffrey Salerno
Sound Engineered by Jeffrey Salerno 
Man of La Mancha (2015)

Man of La Mancha (2015)

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Man of La Mancha is the story of Miguel Cervantes, who while awaiting his trial by the Spanish Inquisition, regales his fellow prisoners with the story of Don Quixote, the mad knight. The show has a play within a play quality to it lending itself to a variety of staging styles. With our production, actors remained on stage the entire time and took part as active audience members while not involved in the story.

The two worlds of the play (the prison and the story) were separated by two major sound effects. The first was the opening and closing of the prison door. This was produced by a speaker placed in the Front of house catwalk and pointed towards the back wall of the theatre. This gave the illusion that the gate was opening from the back of the house. The second sound effect was a soundscape of a wet cavernous space. This played under any of the "reality" scenes. Part of the magic of the story telling was that it made the world fall away and this sound was part of that illusion. Other sound effects that were used were a wind sound effect during the wind mill fight and a night ambience when Quixote is praying in the garden. Any other sound effects in the show were created live by actors to add to the "play within a play" feel of the show.

The video above includes segments from the show that showcase the style of the show. Selections include: the song "I am I, Don Quixote" sung by Quixote and Sancho; "The Impossible Dream (Reprise)" transitioning back into the prison; The entrance of the Knight of the Mirrors to show his vocal effect; and the song "I'm Only Thinking of Him".

Prison Door
Howling Wind
Night Ambience
Cave Ambience
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