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504, The Musical

is is a fictional telling of the 504 sit-in of 1977, which began on April 5, 1977. The sit-in lasted 26 days and is considered the birth of the disability rights movement.

Disabled Down Center

is a program that spotlights disability in entertainment through performance and free training opportunities

Special thanks to Pearl Studios , Stone Productions and Five Ohm Productions
This Evening was presented in loving memory of Disability Activist, Judy Heumann (1947-2023)
Music by Mason McDowell
Book and Lyrics by Abbie Goldberg

Presented by Disabled Down Center

Produced by Brennan Srisirkul, Aaron Glick, Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick, John Znidarsic

Fisical Partner of Disabled Down Center: Musical Theatre Factory

Director: James L. Fleming
Direction of Artistic Sign Language: Gabriel Silva
Sound Designer: Jeffrey Salerno

Presentation Stage Manager: Rachel Lebda
Assistant Stage Manager: Lucy Bonin

Jenna Bainbridge as June
Miranda Holliday as Heather
Ari Mack as Bruce/Kieth
Divine Celiane as Florence
Samuel Langshteyn as Billy
Danielle Koenig as Emily/Sandy
Mason McDowell as Paul/Voice of Billy/ Piano
Abbie Goldberg as Narrator

ASL Interpreters:
Lisa Dennett, Andria Alefhi, Kimberly Hale, Genevieve Alvarez, and Juana Aguilar

Artwork by Juliette Sallaway


Producer Testimonial:

It was an honor to hire Jeffery as my sound designer. As a disabled producer, it is paramount that my designers and technicians understand the needs of my actors, especially my disabled actors. Jeff began to build my trust from the moment I interviewed him. He was confident, but so kind. He instantly put me at ease, assuring me that he would support and take care of my actors and his production colleagues to the level I expect. He delivered on that promise in spades. Jeffery is nothing but a joy to work with in every way. We were working in a large rehearsal space with poor acoustics. Jeffery's design was absolutely breathtaking. He somehow managed to amplify my actors just enough, but not too much. It was just perfection. I received so many compliments about the sound post show. I am counting down the days until I get to work with Jeffery again!

- Brennan Srisirkul, Disabled Down Center

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